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American Idol Big Bang: Rules & Information

  • The Goal: to produce novella-length American Idol fanfiction!
  • The Challenge: to write, illustrate, and promote fics of 50k words. Fics between 30k words - 49k words will also be accepted.
  • The Vote: Our panel of Judges will pick winners from 5 challenge themes, and will narrow the final selection down to your Top 3 finalists. Once fics go live, you, the Audience, will Vote for your American Idol Big Bang winner!
  • Challenge signups are open now! Artist/Writer signups end Sept. 30th. First drafts are due on January 31st, Final drafts + art are due March 7th, and the challenge will go live on March 21st, 2010! Final Award Winners announced on April 18th.

    ★The Production Company
    ★ Writers
  • will write, complete, and submit at least one Idol fanfic of 50,000 words, or between 30-49k words
  • will complete initial drafts of all fics by January 31st, 2010, and submit them to Stage Managers
  • will complete final drafts of all fics by March 7, 2010
  • bb_mansion for your support community and Tour member bonding!
  • Sign-ups open now through Sept. 30 here
  • Artists ★
  • will agree to produce at least 2-3 pieces of fanart for submitted fics of over 50k words
  • for the purposes of this challenge, "fanart" is defined as art that is primarily self-created, ie not photomanipulation, vidding, or other primarily graphics-driven artwork
  • Artists will have one month between Feb. 1, 2010 and March 7, 2010 to create fanart for submitted qualifying fics of their choice, and should have free time throughout that month.
  • Anyone who would like to produce graphic art, photomanips, banners or other art for fics may volunteer as a Groupie.
  • Artists will be selected by mods
  • Anyone may apply for membership now through Sep. 30 here
  • ★ Roadies
  • will do the "heavy lifting", aka web site coding and design
  • will do graphic design for site + banners
  • will help upload and code fics
  • should generally have free time now + near end of challenge
  • coders, css, graphic designers wanted
  • Sign-ups open continuously through end of challenge here
  • Stage Managers ★
  • will be responsible for managing one of three "tours"
  • will see that each fic submitted on their "tour" is beta'd and that it follows the challenge rules
  • will see that every minor fic has an assigned groupie + swag
  • will get to nominate fics for Judges' consideration and also read all the fics on their tour early!
  • Sign-ups open now through Sep. 30 here
  • ★ Groupies
  • Volunteers who offer to do one piece of swag for a completed fic of 30k-50k words
  • can be graphic artists, photomanippers, fanartists, FST-makers, fanvidders, or other creative designer
  • should have free time near end of challenge
  • if selected by a stage manager to create swag for a fic, groupies will get to read that fic early
  • Sign-ups open continuously through end of challenge here
  •   Judges ★
  • Will award Best Performance for all 5 performance categories
  • will select your final Top 3 Fics of 50k+ words
  • will be generally fabulous.
    Your Distinguished panel of Judges: yeatsastolatbuffyx
    Themes & Rules
    ★ Tours
  • Participants will be grouped into Tours
  • Tour #1: all fics focusing on American Idol, Seasons 1-6, as well as judges/host fiction: Rymon, Saula, etc
  • Tour #2: all fics focusing on American Idol S7
  • Tour #3: all fics focusing on American Idol S8 - S9
  • Each Tour will have at least one Stage Manager who is responsible for keeping tabs on your progress, answering any questions throughout the challenge, and making sure all fics are beta'd and conform to challenge rules.
  • Tour members can work up their own Tour promos throughout the challenge. Remember, in the end, popularity counts!
  • Performance Themes ★

  • Glam Night: for AUs, total crack, genderbends, and anything else that goes well with glitter
  • Country-Western Night: for stories of love, loss, and lots of alcohol
  • Jazz Night: for slow buildups, steamy encounters, romance, and all that jazz
  • Indie Night: for gen fics, experimental fics, and other hard-to-categorize-fics
  • Fusion Night: for crossovers with other fandoms
  • ★ Rules
  • Fics must be at least 30,000 words long. If you submit a draft of <50k you may not increase the word count to 50k after Jan. 31st.
  • Only fics that are at least 50k will be eligible to receive fanart. Fics of less than 50k words will receive one swag creation from a designated Groupie.
  • All fics must be competently beta'd and submitted to a Stage Manager by the first draft deadline. First drafts must be complete, meaning they must have a beginning, middle, and an end.
  • Collaboration among participants is welcome. Writers can co-write and collaborate on fics. Artists can co-produce art. Groupies can co-produce swag.
  • Fics about idol contestants and their families are ok. You could, for instance, write a fic about Neil Lambert or Sophia Gokey.
  • All fics must be written with an eye towards awareness and positivity. For example, if you are writing about Jason Castro, you would be expected to write portrayals of dreadlocks with sensitivity. If you have questions, your Stage Managers and Mods are here to help.
  • Voting & Awards ★
  • Best Performance: all fics between 30,000-49,000 words will be eligible to receive the Judges' Award for Best Performance in all 5 Performance Categories. These will be announced on April 18th.
  • Top 3 Finalists: Before fics go live, our judges will select the Top 3 finalists for the American Idol Big Bang Winner, for fics of 50k words and up.
  • Each Top 3 Finalist will receive a special swag bag full of additional fanart and promotional graphics.
  • Voting will last from March 21st, the date of the live challenge, through April 16. The winner will be announced on April 18th.
  • All participants including writers and artists are eligible to vote for the winner.
    The Timeline
    ★ Before Fics Are Due:
  • Writers & Artists sign up by Sept. 30th
  • Roadies build the website and create graphics for the community, promo banners, etc.
  • Artists are selected by mods
  • Groupies can sign up to produce swag for participants through Jan. 31st.
  • Writers write, complete, and beta first drafts of fics to submit to Stage Managers by Jan. 31st.
  • bb_mansion will be open to all challenge participants. Tour Members can produce Tour Graphics, group fics, and other joint efforts throughout the challenge.
  • ongoing updates will be posted to americanbang.
  • After Fics Are Due ★

  • Stage Managers vet fics and nominate fics from their Tour for Judges' Consideration
  • Artists illustrate longer fics while groupies are assigned short fics to create pieces of swag for. Final art submissions are due on March 7th.
  • Authors polish off their final drafts and submit them by March 7th
  • Roadies and mods upload everything to the website
  • Judges select Best Performance awards and narrow down the final Top 3 contestants
  • Challenge goes live on March 21st.
  • Voting for the Top 3 begins when the site goes live, and ends on April 16th. Winners will be announced on April 18th.
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