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Artist Sign-up Post!

Hi! Want to participate in the Big Bang? Are you a fanartist? Do you have experience illustrating fanart or other stories, and have you participated in any challenges before? Then you'd make a great Artist! Artists will commit to doing between 2-3 pieces of fanart for our longer fics (of 50k+words). If you're an artist who doesn't want to commit to doing multiple pieces of fanart, you can still be a groupie, but we'd love to have you draw for us! Please note that for the purposes of this challenge, "fanart" will be considered primarily self-created. Photomanipulations, vidding, and other primarily digital artwork will fall under graphic art and can be produced by Groupies.

Please note that artists will be selected by challenge mods, but even if you are not asked to illustrate for the 50k+ fics, we welcome your participation in any one of our other roles. :)

Still want to sign up?

Here's what we need from you:

A) Make sure you've read the Challenge Information post.

B) Copy and paste the contents of the box below into a comment, and replace instances of ANSWER HERE with your response. If you are selected, the mods will issue you an invitation to join the community. You should also be sure to watch the community for check-ins and reminders.

PLEASE NOTE: Sign-ups for Artists will be open from now through Sept. 30th. All comments to this post will be screened.

Thank you for your interest! :)
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