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Stage Managers Sign-Up Post!

Hi! Want to participate in the Big Bang? Are you good with organization? Have you modded or helped out with fandom projects in the past? Then we want you to be a Stage Manager!

There will be 3-5 Stage Managers total, depending on the number of participants. Stage Managers will be important roles and will be generally responsible for looking out for the members of each "Tour" - fielding questions and generally being available as resources.

Stage Managers will also be responsible for:
- vetting all the fics submitted from their Tour members and making sure they meet the challenge requirements
- nominating fics for the Best Performance Awards and for the Idol Final 3.

Think you might be interested? Here's what we need from you:

A) Make sure you've read the Challenge Information post.

B) Copy and paste the contents of the box below into a comment, and replace instances of ANSWER HERE with your response. Once we've contacted you, we'll invite you to join the community! Membership and friending are required for check-ins and reminders.

PLEASE NOTE: Sign-ups for Stage Managers will be open from now through September 30th.

Thank you for your interest! :)
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